In 2012, the British Museum will stage a major exhibition on the world of Shakespeare in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Visitors to the exhibition will delve into London 1612 to see it as it was 400 years ago: an emerging international city where theatregoers jostled one another daily at open-air performances of the latest play by William Shakespeare.

The exhibition, supported by BP, will be brought to life through objects, quotes from Shakespeare and performance. Objects include a stunning range of important paintings, rare jewels, original manuscripts and other items linked to Shakespeare’s plays.

As a Sustainability Partner and the Official Carbon Offset Partner with Target Neutral, BP has created an offer for all ticketed spectators, to offset the carbon footprint from their travel to the Games.

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We can all try to reduce the miles we travel by car. When we do need to drive, we should take care to drive more efficiently.


Choose the right car, fuel, lubricants and tyres.

Reforestation in grassland areas of Uchindile, Kilombero, Tanzania & Mapanda, Mufindi, Tanzania


We can neutralise CO2 emissions by investing in carbon reduction projects elsewhere in the world.

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