HCG Drops vs HCG Pills : Find The Best!

Being widely consumed for losing weight, resolving the infertility problem and as a testosterone therapy, HCG is now available in a lot of different forms. The most popular form in which HCG is available include HCG Drops and HCG Pills. So, the question is, what should you buy, HCG drops or HCG Pills? Which one is more effective and which one is not? You will find answer to this and many other questions as you read further.

One important thing that you must learn here is that the products which are labeled as HCG are different in their effects and safety. It has been 1960s since HCG is being used for losing weight but you will be amazed to know that the results of the drops and the Pills have been different. Both of them are supposed to be taken differently and both react in a different way.

Here are the differences and similarities of both:

HCG Drops HCG Pills
The drops don’t contain HCG hormonesNo doctor’s prescription is required for buying and consuming the dropsThe type of weight loss which the drops let you enjoy is the water and muscle loss 

The drops can largely slow down your metabolic rate

The rebound weight gain is high


The pills contain HCG hormonesA doctor’s prescription is required to buy and consume these pillsThe pills help in burning the fats stored in the body and eventually let you meet your weight loss goalThe pills can slow down the metabolic rate slightly

The rebound weight gain is low

HCG drops

HCG drops are to be placed on your tongue. These drops are purely composed from the HCG hormone. These drops have been scientifically proven to lose weight but has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss. You are required to consume 500 calorie diet per day. The drops can let you lose 1 to 2 pounds per day. The drops directly absorb into the blood stream and they get started with their work. These drops are easier to consume and they tend to work easily in your body. The drops don’t usually have any side effects, the only side affects you experience is because of the diet that you consume. The common side effects that you will experience with the consumption of the drops and the diet include headache, vomiting, mild dizziness, leg cramps, and rashes. Don’t worry, the side effects of the HCG drops are mild and they will go away with time. If you see they are getting worse, then you must consult your doctor straight.

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HCG pills

HCG pills are available in the form of tablets or supplements which you are supposed to consume with the 500 calorie diet plan. Hcg Complex is an example of these pills. The HCG pills contain a small and diluted amount of the HCG hormones. You can get these pills as over the counter products but you are supposed to show a prescription before you get them. The hormone present inside the pill increases the production of HCG within the body, it works on reducing your appetite, and it also helps in eliminating the access amount of water present inside your body. You are supposed to consume the pills along with the 500 calorie diet plan. With the pills, you will reduce 1 to 3 pounds per day. The pills work slowly because they need time to get dissolved within the blood stream to do their work. Side effects of consuming pills also exist. These include headache, pain, swelling, depression, mild swelling, irritable, and more. These side effects go away eventually but if they don’t, you are supposed to see a doctor right away.

The verdict

If you are wondering whether you should consume the HCG drops or pills then the answer is to consume the drops because they are easier to work with. Also, they directly absorb into the blood stream and do their work right away. Before you consume the drops or take the pills, you are supposed to study the side effects properly. It is also recommended to talk to your physician or doctor before you plan to work on the HCG diet because this is going to be in your best interest.